Adrienne & Leilani

A Magical Roaring Twenties Wedding

Do you dream of a life filled with wealth, opulence, and luxury? Not only did Adrienne and Leilani dream of this life, but they also created a wedding celebrating it.  With excitement in the air, surrounded by family and friends, they spared no expense on this extravagant Great Gatsby themed wedding.  Everyone fortunate enough to attend this spectacular affair found themselves transported back in time to the roaring twenties. You could almost hear Duke Ellington playing in the background at the Cotton Club.

Adrienne and Leilani selected the Ebell of Long Beach as the venue to recreate this perfect renaissance moment.

The Ebell of Long Beach is a historical site with lovely architecture dating back to the 1920s. It also has a Spanish-Revival feel that inspired the couple’s imagination. You can understand why they decided to go with the “Roaring Twenties” theme for their special occasion when you see pictures of this amazing venue. If you’ve watched any of the classic “Big Band” movies from the Harlem Renaissance period, the Ebell of Long Beach seems like it was perfectly plucked from that era and placed here for us all to enjoy.  

Planning their roaring-twenties-inspired wedding was not an easy task. Finding local vendors and creatives to pull off such a magnificent feat was nearly impossible.  Determined, Adrienne and Leilani searched not for vendors but for artists who could collaboratively paint their perfect portrait of love.  After connecting with Green Apple Event Company, Adrienne and Leilani’s dream team came together, and they knew they could have a ceremony that would truly capture the magnificence of the roaring twenties. 

Adrienne & Leilani

Green Apple Events worked with Adrienne and Leilani to bring their overall vision into focus. Their goal was to combine several Art Deco elements with California’s casual vibes to create the perfect ambiance and design for their wedding. 

The couple chose black with gold accents as their wedding colors. They felt the colors exuded the elegance, luxury, and splendor reminiscent of the roaring twenties.

Rossmoor Pastries created an impressive Art Deco-inspired wedding cake.  The four-tiered confection was black with white and gold geometric accents.  The bottom tier of the cake was draped in pearls with white roses flanking one side.  The middle of the cake had an intricate gold geometric design. The top tier of the cake had an impressive black, white, and gold Broadway marquee-styled topper flanked by a large white rose with gold accents.  The cake was situated on a beautiful Art Deco-inspired golden cake table.  Wedding photographer Isaiah + Taylor Photography captured several gorgeous pictures of the wedding cake as the centerpiece.

During the wedding, Adrienne and Leilani chose not to have a bridal party but to have a couple-centric ceremony that freed everyone to enjoy the occasion. They exchanged their vows in the presence of the minister, family, and friends. Also, we couldn’t help but notice that nearly everyone in attendance, dressed in nineteen twenties era attire.  Some of the ladies even wore vintage 1920’s style flapper dresses.

Adrienne and Leilani commissioned the talented artist Madam Muse to paint live on canvas during the ceremony. Madam Muse was able to capture in real-time, the essence of the couple’s special day on canvas.  The painting will serve as a priceless keepsake that Adrienne and Leilani will cherish forever.

Throughout their wedding, Adrienne and Leilani radiated with joy and could not stop laughing.  That joy was infectious and quickly spread throughout the hall, magnifying the love Adrienne and Leilani have for one another.

Wedding Highlight Video

These beautiful ladies showed us a glimpse of love from the roaring twenties and revealed the eternal present-day love they have for each other. Their presence together engenders magic, laughter, passion, and genuine warmth in every possible way. Their union shows us that having a relationship grounded in commitment is of utmost importance. Their commitment to each other, commitment to family and friends inspired them to share the wedding of their dreams with everyone who has loved and supported their union from the start. Adrienne and Leilani have truly found in one another a forever love.

Congratulations from Black Gay Weddings Adrienne & Leilani. Thank you for sharing your love story with the BGW Community. -BGW

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