Aun’Yiea & Myesha

Myesha & Auny'iea9

This wonderfully romantic and “Love Overboard” engagement at sea began when Myesha Smith and Aun’Yiea Watson met at Missouri State University in Springfield, Missouri, a few short years ago. The two were extremely focused on their undergraduate studies and were distantly acquainted, but destiny would draw them closer and closer together.

They would find themselves attending some of the same school functions but never really getting to spend time together until a Valentine’s day celebration in 2016 changed their lives forever.

Cupid gently pushed Myesha to approach Aun’Yiea and strike up a conversation. The two found they had a lot in common and decided to exchange numbers. The casual acquaintances enjoyed each other’s company and started seeing much more of each other. What was once a passing smile transformed into an endearing romance for the Ages. Leaving Missouri behind them, they decided to create a new life together in Tampa, Florida.

In September 2020, Myesha planned a trip to Saint Augustine, Florida, for Aun’Yiea’s birthday. The oldest city in the continental United States, this quaint little town was known for its Spanish moss-draped trees, coquina structures, and highly romantic energy. The perfect location for a proposal.

The day after Aun’Yiea’s birthday, Myesha planned a surprise, romantic outing on a sailboat (AKA…The Love Boat), where she secretly hired a photographer, who hid below deck, to catch everything. As the sailboat drifted across the water, Myesha sat lovingly close to Aun’Yiea, took her hand, and told Aun’Yiea that her presence brought light to her life. Without missing a beat, Myesha asked Aun’Yiea to be her wife and presented her with a gorgeous and stunning engagement ring. Aun’Yiea happily accepted Myesha’s proposal, and the newly engaged couple popped open a bottle of champagne to celebrate.

The staff at Black Gay Weddings wishes Myesha and Aun’Yiea a happy engagement and a beautiful future together, and we can’t wait to share your wedding!

Photography Credit: @pompyportraits

Venue Credit: Schooner Freedom Sailing- @schoonerfreedom

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