Daryl & Kyle

An Off-Broadway Wedding to Remember

It was as if the Divine One selected the cast for this Star-Studded Gala that just happened to be the go-to wedding event of the year. Daryl & Kyle’s wedding turned set designers and Broadway producers green with envy. But, it’s not about them; they will eventually get over it. It’s about the loving and enduring celebratory union Daryl & Kyle shared with family and friends at the Houston Hobby Center for Performing Arts on May 27, 2018. Every great play begins with a great back story, and if you keep reading, you will discover why Daryl & Kyle’s wedding was worthy of a Tony Award.

It all began in 2001 at Rascals Bar and Grill in Houston, when Kyle noticed an “extremely attractive and magnetic” Daryl on the dance floor. 

Unable to escape the magnetic pull, Kyle was instantly drawn to Daryl, and they were magnetically attracted to each other and virtually inseparable the rest of the evening. They exchanged phone numbers, went on a few innocent dates, and invested the time to get to know each other. But every good play has a plot twist! You see, the heroes of this lover’s tale were involved in “Entanglements” at the beginning of this forbidden love story. The recent completion of Daryl’s medical training at Baylor University and his moving to Ohio combined with the minor fact they were both in relationships had all but doomed our star-crossed lovers to a lifetime of friendship, or so it seemed.

Over the next eight years, they kept communicating with one another through mutual friends (OR secret intermediaries…sounds a lot like Romeo & Julio, RIGHT?!?!?). Kyle had a boyfriend in Houston, while Daryl was ending a long-term relationship in Ohio. Although it seemed as though their love story was never to be, let’s be thankful for technology. Six years later, they found each other on Tinder, coming full circle, and bringing this LOVE STORY back to life. A few days after their Tinder connection, they met and shared the challenges and struggles they faced apart from one another. Although the distance was still a factor in making love a reality, this time, they didn’t let that stop them from “Getting Into Character,” shall we say. Their first dinner date was at café Mezza, and although Kyle was late, he called ahead and apologized for the delay. “He was treating, so how could I not wait?” Darryl said. That night, they rekindled the fondness they discovered for each other all those years ago. This was the dinner date that set up the most incredible comeback love story of all time.

Daryl & Kyle

Next Stop, Broadway! After Kyle and Daryl attended a friend’s wedding and saw the outpouring of love for the lucky couple, Kyle was ready to make Daryl “HIS” happily-ever-after and began planning an elaborate proposal. Where? You guessed it…On Broadway. Kyle and Daryl planned a trip to New York to see a Broadway play, while Kyle added his own subplot, “A Secret Proposal.” After the show, and by enlisting the aid of friends, Kyle took a knee pulled out a ring while four friends held up the words, “Will You Marry Me?” But Daryl would not be outdone (YES Another Twist); he had learned of this secret plot and bought a ring of his own. Dropping down on one knee himself, he too popped the question, making this a mutual-proposal. Don’t you just love these guys?

The circumstances surrounding the Broadway proposal, coupled with Daryl & Kyle’s shared love for theater and all things Broadway, inspired everything about their wedding day. The stage was set! The breathtaking downtown Houston skyline can be seen from the Hobby Center and was the perfect backdrop to serve up an Off-Broadway atmosphere enjoyed by all. With names on the Marquee and EnGAYgement pictures on the Jumbotron, guests could hardly maintain their excitement because they knew they were about to experience something extraordinary.

After the guests were seated, the couple began the evening with a fun “Nearly-Weds” video that showed the couple answering rapid-fire questions about the other! We won’t tell you who won! Guests were able to share in the couple’s Love Story video following the game show. Immediately following the film, guests were entertained by dancers as the song “Circle of Life” was performed by Broadway actor and singer Alan H. Green.

No detail was left undone! As guests entered, they were given customized Playbills as programs with photos and detailed bios of each wedding party member. The couple’s poster-sized engagement photos were placed in all the glass cases down the center’s hallways that were usually reserved for upcoming events. The venue was stunning! White florals were hanging from the ceiling and strategically placed on every table. Black and gold decor filled the hall, including black and gold place settings, black and gold seating, and even a black and gold dance floor. For an added touch of flair, even the drink napkins had a picture of the starring couple on them. 

Wedding Highlight Video

In true Broadway Style, The Cake Was EVERYTHING! With nine, Count Them! “NINE” layers of deliciousness with miniature replicas of Daryl & Kyle as a cake topper. Did we mention they had a Second Line Band? YES!!! How much bigger could this get? You can always identify the stars of every Broadway show because they are the center of attention, and Daryl & Kyle were no exception. Their custom-tailored red blazers and black pants were as “Broadway Chic” as the gentlemen who wore them. But don’t take our word for it; pictures are worth a billion words, and all the stunning photos in this gallery will definitely expand your vocabulary.

This wedding was a production! Complete with singers, dancers, performers, a choir, bands, and YES, our two heroes who finally found love.

Congratulations from Black Gay Weddings Daryl & Kyle. Thank you for sharing your wedding with the BGW Community. – BGW

A Special Thanks To:

Photography Credit: Motley Melange Photography
Lighting & Vinyl: @lgeventpro LG Event Entertainment + Production
Invitations: @sandispells Custom Invitations – Sandi Spells Design
DJ: @defjamblaster Def Jam Blaster
Special Performance: @tommieross
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