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David & JD - 4

When David and JD moved from Atlanta, GA, and Minneapolis, MN, respectively, to Phoenix, AZ for work, little did they know it was the universe nudging them closer to each other. But the universe  wasn’t done, because it orchestrated a chance meeting between two out-of-towners through a mutual friend.   Their friend invited them to Happy Hour one day, and when they met, it was like the gravitational force of two worlds colliding.  They realized there was something special between them that night and immediately set their first date.

Because David loves seafood, they headed to a local seafood restaurant for dinner with plans to see Jill Scott in concert afterward. They were so lost in what each other were saying that when they checked the time, they were already 45 minutes late for their concert and missed half of it. The chemistry between them was crystal clear at this point. 

As they continued to learn more about each other, they found they shared similar backgrounds as well. They were both sons of preachers, were family-oriented, navigated corporate careers, and had a passion for adventure and the great outdoors. They also learned, they were both independent and didn’t believe they needed someone in order to become whole. They both knew that life was a journey shared best by two equal and supporting partners. It was as if giant neon arrows were pointing at the two with the words “HE’S THE ONE!” flashing like a broadway theater marquee.

Now one would think that two individuals so perfectly matched would’ve jumped the broom almost immediately. However, it took David three times before JD accepted his proposal of marriage!

The first time David asked JD, they were lying in bed, watching TV on a Saturday morning. He reached over, gave him a ring, and asked JD to marry him. JD looked at him quizzically, thought it was a joke, and laughed it off without giving him an answer. 

The next time, David planned an elaborate, ‘overly orchestrated day of visiting lighthouses and then dinner at one of Martha’s Vineyard’s finest restaurants. This time, the proposal was too involved for JD, and he talked his way out of it again. David was frustrated at this point. He couldn’t think of anything else, and so, as they boarded their flight from the Vineyard to New York City, he handed JD the ring and said, “you can put this on whenever you feel like it.” JD looked at him, laughed, slid the ring in his finger, and kissed him with a plane full of passengers as their witnesses. They were finally enGAYged! 

Congratulations from Black Gay Weddings David & JD. Thank you for allowing us to come on this journey with you, and we look forward to sharing your wedding day with the BGW Community. -BGW

VENDOR CREDIT Photography: @stephenpaulphoto www.stephenpaulphotography.com

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