Elaina & Sarina

Elaina & Sarina - 18

The French settlers’ traditions mixed with American, Haitian, and Acadian flavors have given the city of New Orleans its own original charm and culture. Shrouded in spell-binding mystique, festive celebrations, and tasty libations,  it’s no wonder Elaina and Sarina chose New Orleans as the place to cast love spells on one another and captured it all in this super chic enGAYgement photoshoot.

Elaina had happened upon a six-woman anthology where the first author presenting was Sarina. Reading and loving every word as she voraciously turned each page, Sarina was inspired to reach out to Elaina by DM-ing her, and the two began to chat.

It wasn’t long before Elaina, a New Orleans native and Memphis resident, was on a flight heading to Delaware to celebrate her birthday weekend by hanging out with Sarina. The casual and friendly get-together turned into a date, and the two hit it off famously. Sarina had been dropping hints from the get-go that she wasn’t just the girlfriend type and Elaina picked up each hint as they both got to know each other better over the next few months.  

Due to covid-19, the two were faced with a tough decision to either quarantine together or cool off the fiery romance they’d been stoking. The choice was obvious, and soon the two were living together along with Sarina’s two children. As the two continued to learn more about each other, it became more and more apparent that they were meant to be together. Having had numerous and in-depth discussions about the future and marriage,  Elaina and Sarina decided that marriage was definitely in their future.

Then, one day when Elaina, Sarina, and her sons were all gathered together in their home, somewhere between chatting about the minutia of daily life and drying off the dog, Sarina looked up for a moment to find the most memorable surprise.  Elaina was on bended knee, smiling from ear to ear with hope-filled eyes as she held out a ring in her hand. Flanked by their sons, Dylan and Donovan, offering their love and support, there was no doubt in Elaina’s mind that the answer to Sarina’s question was Yes!

Congratulations from Black Gay Weddings Elaina and Sarina. Thank you for allowing us to come on this journey with you, and we look forward to sharing your wedding day with the BGW community. -BGW

VENDOR CREDIT Photography:@cjjrphoto www.calvingavionphotography.com

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