A Directory of LGBTQIA+ Friendly Businesses

Whether you’re a new business just starting out or already established, the LGBTQBizList can put your business brand in front of a growing community of loyal LGBTQIA+ consumers eager to do business with “LGBTQIA+ Friendly” businesses.

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Why Get Listed?
Why Get Listed?

Access & Advocacy: It's an opportunity to become part of a growing movement to increase the visibility of LGBTQI+ couples of color.If you are an LGBTQI+ Friendly business, this is your opportunity to market to our rapidly growing international BGW community and correct the underrepresentation of LGBTQI+ couples of color.


Market Visibility: Until the BGW Platform was created, the LGBTQI+ community of color had to rely on media outlets that did not represent us, and take a chance on businesses not actively marketing or catering to us. This is your chance to directly market to and connect with the LGBTQI+community of color like never before.

Mutual Loyalty: If you show an effort to be a loyal supporter and advocate for our community, our community will be loyal to you. By getting listed, you are one step closer to reciprocity. As evidenced by the weddings we have featured on BGW, LGBTQI+ couples of color do have luxurious and elaborate affairs.

Join Us: With your help, BGW will succeed in elevating the LGBTQIA+ community of color through inspiration and education, one love story at a time.