Jermaine & Xavier

Jermain & Xavier - 433

We love it when the stars align, and love finds those who truly deserve it, even if it sits a total “good looking” stranger at your desk, at your new job.  Jermaine & Xavier were both hired around the same time, and one day Jermaine came in to find Xavier sitting in his chair. Jermaine recalls, “I asked the HR Coordinator who he was and why was he in my seat, lol.” A few weeks after being hired, Jermaine and Xavier not only became friends, they became the undisputed “Spades Tag-Team Champions” of Orlando, FL (At least at games hosted by friends). Although there were unspoken words and mutual feelings between them, neither would risk disrupting the friendship they’ve begun to build. That is until Xavier flirted with Jermaine on Snapchat on September 30, 2015, 10 months into their championship reign. That’s when they started dating, and that’s when this love affair began to take shape.  

Due to COVID-19, getting the family together for a surprise gathering was neither safe nor possible with restrictions at restaurants and other venues. Jermaine planned an elaborate getaway proposal in Cancun, Mexico, on their 5th couple’s-anniversary date, September 30, 2020.  However, the surprise was nearly ruined when Xavier decided to use the same travel bag Jermaine hid the enGAYgement ring in as his carry-on. Jermaine was on pins & needles the entire flight to Cancun. Thank goodness we seldom unzip all those compartments in our travel bags.   

The proposal was set to be a candlelight dinner on the beach with decorations and music, and at the very time Jermaine was going to propose, a storm rolled in. But determined to make this happen, Jermaine shares with us, “I panicked and instantly started searching high and low for a new location to propose…the event planner found me wandering around the resort and told me he would help do whatever it took to make this happen.” The planner found him a private room, and “voila,” this proposal was back on. 

When Jermaine returned to their resort room to get dressed, he told Xavier he had to meet with a waiter in advance to discuss the dinner menu. Jermain explains that “I left him in the room getting dressed and had the event planner walk him from the room to the private area set up for the proposal. He walked into the room on top of 5,000 rose petals and 200 candles lit for his entrance while my favorite love song by Tamika Scott “Greatest Gift,” played in the background.”  Jermaine arranged for family and friends to witness this expression of love as it happened via Zoom. When Xavier said “I DO,” there was an instant eruption of virtual cheers and applause. Love happens whenever and wherever the hearts are ready to receive it. Jermaine told us Xavier had planned to propose on the same day, but Xavier’s brothers, knowing what Jermaine had planned, encouraged him to wait.  The big day is set for September 30, 2023.

Congratulations from Black Gay Weddings Jermaine & Xavier. Thank you for allowing us to come on this journey with you, and we look forward to sharing your wedding day with the BGW community. -BGW

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