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Lance & Antonio23

The stories of true lovers, like Romeo and Juliet, exist in every culture. In these stories, the universe makes it so that one meets the other in a most ordinary yet, unexpected way, and it is then that two unsuspecting souls begin a journey of extraordinary love together. It was no different when it came to the love story of Lance and Antonio.

They first met, quite ordinarily, at the University of North Carolina in Charlotte with no idea that someday, the two would be planning to head down the aisle together. As they set out on a journey of higher learning, they also learned more about each other. They grew closer and closer, and soon enough, it became apparent to them that without a doubt, they belonged together.

For Lance's birthday, Antonio had planned a trip to Paris. Unbeknownst to Lance, Antonio had more than just a birthday trip in mind. For the first two days of their trip, the couple spent their days and nights about town, having fun and taking in the many sights the City of Lights had to offer. On the third night, Antonio had scheduled a dinner cruise on the Seine River so the two could have a special meal while they celebrated Lance's special day.

As dinner was served, Antonio abruptly stood up and to Lance's surprise, dropped down to one knee and pulled out a ring. Emotions abound, Antonio asked Lance those four special words, Will you marry me? Overwhelmed with joy and eyes full of tears, Lance couldn't resist replying "Yes!"

Some time later, during a special dinner for Antonio's 30th birthday, Lance equally surprised his fiancé when he pulled out the same ring Antonio had been talking about for a while. Antonio, speechless, said, "Yes!' as well and confirmed yet again their undying love for each other.

The happy couple, now engaged for four years, is set to wed on December 31st, 2020. Congratulations, gentlemen, from Black gay Weddings.

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