Lennard & Shelton

When you think of the word Fraternity, the thoughts that run through your mind usually center around brotherhood, bond, and strong like-mindedness. When you think of church, you think about love and community. All of these things describe Shelton and Lennard, which is why both of those institutions are an intricate part of who they are as a couple. They would agree that the only reason they were able to meet was because of these two very different things coming together.

The church that both of them attended had a Greek ministry, which is one of the only ways you could get a Kappa Alpha Psi and an Alpha Phi Alpha together in such a fun way. Both of them were proud members of their fraternities and their church, and when they met at a First Friday event, both men knew that there was more than just a friendship blooming in the midst of the fun, laughter, dancing, and community going on throughout the night. They decided to keep the connection going.
That night led to many other events and soon dates where Shelton and Lennard began to really fall in love with each other. What started out as a friendship soon led to them learning more about each other outside of school and church, and what they learned was that those things were the beginning of what they had in common. Lennard took the first step when it hit him that Shelton had truly become the love of his life. His thought pattern had changed. No longer was he thinking about himself only; everything he thought about had Shelton as a part of his life, and he wasn’t going to let him go.

Lennard, Shelton, and their friends gathered together as they did every New Year’s Eve to party into the New Year. This particular New Year’s of 2016, Lennard was excited to start a new chapter. For a while, he had been carefully crafting a love letter for Shelton that went into detail about his undying love for him. He wanted it to be perfect so that everything would go just as he planned. The party was great, and soon all eyes were on the clock. As Shelton went in for their usual New Year’s kiss at the stroke of midnight, he was greeted with Lennard extending the letter to him instead. Unsure of what the letter held, Shelton began to read it. He was choked up with emotion as his eyes read every word and line of the first page. He began to read the second one and saw four words that took his breath away: Will You Marry Me? Stunned, Shelton looked up to see Lennard on bended knee with an engagement ring in his hand as all around them watched. “Well? Will You Marry Me?”

Lennard & Shelton

Houston, Texas didn’t know what hit it in August of 2018 when Shelton and Lennard came together as one in the presence of family and friends. This luxury wedding had all the class and romance with a style that only two sophisticated fraternity brothers could bring. Both of them walked hand-in-hand down the aisle in matching blue and white tuxedoes with eye-catching blue shoes. Guests were seated in a palace-like room filled with white flair and elegant floating candles representing the light that the couple held for each other and for all that knew them.

The reception was a celebration for the ages. A New Orleans’ style second line entrance into the reception hall with the wedding party in tow, representing this new life-long Fraternity of “Lambda Alpha Sigma,” which Lennard and Shelton would always cherish. The smiles on their faces never settled as the night went on, and they were able to truly say that it was the happiest day of their lives.

Looking back on their wedding day, both Lennard and Shelton would also say they couldn’t be happier with how all of their planning came together. Seeing their wedding come to life was a dream come true for these two brothers of different fraternities who found love and intended to keep it forever and ever. Congratulations, Lennard and Shelton, from Black Gay Weddings.

Wedding Highlight Video

A Special Thanks To:

Cakes/Desserts: Wedding Cakes by Tammy Allen

Ceremony/Reception Venue: Bayou City Event Center

Event Decor/Design: Flora Eventi

Entertainment/DJ: DJ Sly Foxx

Event Planner: Events with Darrell

Groom’s Attire: Olympus Stylings

Groomsmen Attire: Men’s Wearhouse

Groomsmaid Hair: Ayeola Davis

Lighting: S.B.R. Entertainment

Makeup: Ziera Idlebird

Photography: Daniel T Davis Photography

Stationery: Magnet Street

Videography: JF Studioz

Bow ties: Well Groomed Man

Officiant: Pastah Freedom Gulley

Grooms Cakes: Cats Cakery

Monogram: Oda Creative

Mardi Gras Masks and Umbrella: Amanda Harper and Darious McGowan

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