Milon & Simone

Wedding Date? :  May 23, 2021

How did you two meet? :  Milon & Simone met via online dating. Both had no major expectations and were not looking for anything serious at the time, and it’s safe to say it became serious rather quickly. They were almost inseparable from the moment they met.

How long were you engaged before getting married?:  1 Year & 6 Months,

Tell us about the proposal..who, what, when, where, and how?:  Milon planned a surprise engagement party with the help of Simone’s family on December 24, 2019. To Simone’s surprise, Milon proposed with close family as an audience. 

Give us the Wedding Details…tell us your BIG DAY STORY!:  Our wedding was a classic vibe. Our mindset was “timeless” because we still want to love our wedding photos 10-20 years from now. Neither of us was big on having “Wedding Trends.” Black and Ivory are so beautiful and effortlessly sexy. It was intimate with 70 of our most important friends and family members. A night to remember. 

What were your favorite moments?: We did the majority of our wedding photos before the actual ceremony. No need to fuss or worry about touching up makeup due to tears or searching for important members of the wedding party. Everyone was told to arrive 1 hour prior to the ceremony, and the pictures turned out beautiful. We did our first look with just the two of us. It was special and a great way to get solo time in before all the commotion.


Jolie Images for photography @jolieimages
The Chez Hotel @chez.hotel
Our DJ @Swagga_dj_Aj
Tuxedo @suitsupply
Loafers @Gucci
Heels @JimmyChoo

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