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It’s said that when we meet “The One,” angels sing a song only two destined hearts can hear. A look, a smile, the way someone’s hair falls across their face, or even a silly quirk can strike the right note within our hearts. Then our souls begin to harmonize, and we know that we are in the presence of our one true soulmate. Such is the case with our happily EnGayged couple, Ra and Elease.

Ra and Elease met through a mutual friend, Janiene, on a weekend getaway to Atlanta, Georgia. While Ra had been close to Janiene since their early college days, Janiene and Elease had developed a sisterhood through pledging the same sorority. While they all had a great time hanging out together, not much came of this meeting but getting acquainted.

On a weekend getaway to Nashville, Tennessee, that just so happened to be Ra’s birthday weekend, Ra played a song and discussed the musical elements of it. Elease was pleasantly surprised by Ra’s knowledge and interest in music. Elease, who had studied music in college, was very impressed with Ra’s knowledge of the functional harmony auxiliary chords (Yes! Geek-Speak). While the weekend ended with not much of a change in their relationship, Elease couldn’t seem to get the song Ra had played out of her head. She decided to text Ra to ask her about the song that turned out to be ‘god is a woman’ by Ariana Grande. Those initial text messages led to a more in-depth discussion about music and many other aspects of their lives. It wasn’t long before they realized the angels were singing, and there was a special “Heart Song,” between them. Just like that, a brand new love was created, and they both decided to explore a new life together.

In December 2020, both of their families had gathered together to celebrate the holidays. On Christmas Eve, Elease was summoned to the door leading to their garden and was handed a letter from Ra, by her niece. As she read the letter, tears streamed down her face as each word declaring Ra’s love for her tugged at each string in her heart. Ra asked Elease to share the rest of her life with the women who knew how to handle “Auxiliary Chords” and become her wife. Just as she read the words, the door opened, and Elease saw Ra on bended knee with Marry Me written out in lights. Elease knew without a doubt that she had found her soulmate and her answer was Yes! (With a Crescendo!)

Congratulations from Black Gay Weddings Ra & Elease. Thank you for allowing us to come on this journey with you, and we look forward to sharing your wedding day with the BGW community. -BGW

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