Seth & Eric

A Wedding Celebration That Rocked The Royals!

We kid you not! When we watched Seth & Eric’s wedding celebration on YouTube, most of the suggested upcoming videos to the right were of the British Royal Family. So take note, this celebration of love was definitely befitting of royalty, and these two Kings are as regal as they come. This three-day celebration of Seth & Eric’s love left no doubt that their passion for one another will endure forever. If you are looking for wedding inspiration or renewal ideas, pour a glass of wine and sit a spell as we share the perfect lover’s tale.  But I warn you, if you are in the middle of planning your nuptials, this just might make you throw out everything you’ve planned and start all over.

In mid-September 2003, it was love at first sight, well for Seth, it was. You see, Eric was throwing a house party at his home in Flower Mound, Texas, for about 15-20 people. And, it was just a party, that is until Eric opened his front door, to find a very attractive young man standing on his doorstep. For Seth, that moment was the genesis of a 16-year romance that would create the very essence of their remarkable love story.  On the other hand, Eric was a bit more pragmatic and had to thoroughly analyze the situation before fully committing the resources to develop a love construct that could yield a high-profit margin in his life (Yes, that was geek-speak). Eric, a gaming industry executive, had to be reminded that life was meant to be lived, and Seth was determined to be the one to remind him.  Throughout the party, Seth & Eric had numerous conversations and attempted to get to know each other. They eventually exchanged contact information and tried several times to lock-in that first date. When they finally met for dinner and drinks at Dralion in Dallas, that was the beginning of something very special.

Over the many years of Seth & Eric’s romance, they have laughed together, cried together, grown together, and traveled the world together. They’ve seen more of the world during their time together, than most of us have seen in a lifetime. So, of course, the proposal had to be somewhere fabulous, I dunno, maybe somewhere like Venice? No! Not the beach in California, but Venice, Italy! With 6-8 months of covert planning, Eric enlisted the aid of numerous international co-conspirators to help pull off this surprise proposal abroad. Seth, who prides himself on never being surprised, found his cunning investigative skills were no match for Eric’s determination to make this the best proposal EVER! 

Seth & Eric

Picture this, a sunset gondola ride, champagne, and the love of your life holding you close. Eric waited for the perfect moment to pull out a ring and asked Seth to marry him.  Eric said, “It felt like we were the only ones on the water until Seth said yes, then bellows of cheers and applause from people in gondolas surrounding us suddenly erupted.” Seth didn’t know what hit him; Eric had pre-arranged the location with the Gondolier and hired an undercover photographer to capture it all.

Sixteen years after they first met, Seth & Eric celebrated their union in grand style by throwing a luxurious, elegant, and opulent three-day wedding affair. Friday night, this lavish celebration began in the French Room Parlor at the Adolphus Hotel in Dallas, with an “Eat, Drink and Be Married” themed reception. In shades of blue, the grooms made quite an entrance down the grand staircase, and we could almost imagine hearing royal trumpeters in the background. It was a night of toast, roasts, and love with wall-to-wall family and friends and music provided by The Mahogany Trio. 

Keeping the celebration going with a mid-morning brunch on Saturday was expected, of course, because it’s Seth & Eric!   With its high decorative ceilings and columns trimmed in gold, the Fench Room gave us, Regalness – Grandeur –  AND LIFE! (We’re not at all upset about NOT being invited). Again, family, friends, and loved ones had an opportunity to show Seth & Eric how much they are loved and cherished.

On the evening of October 5, 2019, Seth & Eric professed their love and devotion to the world in the presence of family and friends. This perfect outdoor setting gave way to a magnificent Saturday night wedding in The garden at the Nasher Sculpture Center.   The scene was stunningly set with crystal chandeliers, white lights, and white roses. Dallas Affaires Cake Co. designed a masterpiece and called it a CAKE!  It took center stage with all of its five layers of delectability. This fantastic creation was as beautiful as it was delicious (We imagine).  With layered colors of cream, gold, and blue, the cake was adorned with cream-colored roses trimmed in gold. Wolfgang Puck Catering provided the “Eats” and an array of delicious food choices. Musical entertainment was provided by David Whiteman and the 16-piece King David Band. The vow exchange left not one dry eye in the garden, and although some may say it was allergies, we know it was the heart-felt love expressed between Seth & Eric that touched every soul in attendance. To end the evening, and in pure royal fashion, this newly minted royal couple left “the ball” through a down-pouring of confetti in a “Horseless White Rolls Royce Carriage” and returned to the Adolphus.

Wedding Highlight Video

After such an amazing wedding ceremony, one would think that this celebration would be over, but one would be wrong; this is Seth & Eric (We love these guys). To officially end this three-day wedding extravaganza for the ages, there was one more “Rooftop Sunday Brunch Pool Party” to be had! With music provided by the True DJs of Dallas, family and friends gathered together once more to dance, laugh and commemorate the love of Seth & Eric. Then it was off to Greece for the honeymoon and to celebrate both their birthdays.

Congratulations from Black Gay Weddings Seth & Eric. Thank you for sharing your love story with the BGW Community. -BGW

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