Stacy & Deirdresha

It began on a dark and stormy night. That usually isn’t how a love story starts, but both Stacey and Dresha agree on this. Really. This wasn’t your typical fairytale, but for them, it was even better.

Okay, so, maybe we should look back at the time that Dresha was hanging out with a friend. The two of them had been talking, and somehow, online dating found its way into the conversation.

An eHarmony subscription had been gifted to Dresha’s friend, but now that subscription was ending. Her friend was debating on whether to just pay for the subscription and keep it going. Dresha knew she must have rolled her eyes or had a strange look on her face because her friend noticed Dresha was not in agreement.
“Don’t pay for online dating. It’s completely unnecessary. If you’re going to do it, wait until they put out something for a free gift or promotion. You are paying to maybe find someone that you’ll connect with.”
“And that is why I need to pay for a subscription. You can’t find love with a small promo.”
A month later, in upstate New York, Dresha was up late at one in the morning, when a commercial on the television caught her attention. eHarmony. She laughed to herself as she called her friend and told her that she was watching a promotion for a ‘free communication weekend.’ This was her proof. Who needed to pay for online dating when stuff like this came up all of the time. Her friend was still skeptical and pointed out that a weekend wasn’t enough time to really give online dating a chance. In protest, Dresha decided that she would sign up. She filled out all of the information and sat back with the knowledge that she would be able to prove her friend wrong. It was time to browse some sexy and amazing singles.
That’s when she realized that something was really wrong. The first person she clicked on didn’t have a picture; neither did the second or third. Dresha did her research, and to her dismay, found out exactly what the ‘free communication weekend’ meant. It was clearly just an emphasis on ‘communication.’ She could see profiles and send messages, but she couldn’t see photos. That wasn’t any fun! Dresha’s wondered if anyone could see her pictures if she uploaded them. With a sigh of frustration, she decided to at least try that.
Stacy & Dresha
In New Jersey, the next state over, Stacey was in a deep sleep as the rain began to pour outside. She was startled awake by the lightning and thunder outside, but instead of going back to sleep, she got the uneasy feeling in her gut that told her she didn’t need to be going back to sleep. Looking at the clock, she realized that it was close to one in the morning, and sleep was definitely what she should be doing. The uneasy feeling didn’t go away, though. She knew deep inside that she would miss something important, or possibly someone if she went back to sleep.
Grabbing her laptop, she looked on to eHarmony and began to search. No one felt right until she stopped on a profile. She began to read, and what she saw gave her an undeniable feeling. This was her. Only one test would decide. Stacey sent a message to the woman. If she responded, then this was fate.
Dresha’s eyes widened when she received Stacey’s message. Stacey boldly said that they had to be a perfect match because, on paper, they worked so well. That’s when Dresha confessed that she had only signed up for this free version of eHarmony and couldn’t see any pictures. “and here I thought you responded because of my good looks.”
Their wedding was beautiful and charming; enough to bring tears to all who realized that what started off as a chance meeting on a stormy night was really no coincidence. Hanging lights in an emerald room only reflected the shine in the smiles of the ladies adorned in blue and white. Dresha’s eyes were moist with tears as she watched Stacey walking down the aisle, and she remembered the way her heart pounded when she realized that this was the one.

Sometimes, the best love stories are the ones that come in the most unexpected ways, and we are proud to be able to share your love story with audiences around the world. Congratulations, Stacy and Dresha – From Black Gay Weddings.

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