The BGW Story


Born of Neccessity and Forged by Love

Lawrence & Michael

On October 14, 2017, Lawrence & Michael were married in the presence of family members and friends at the SLS Las Vegas (now the Sahara). After over a year of planning every little unique detail, the emotional ceremony took place surrounded by over a hundred of their closest family and friends. While the ceremony left not an eye dry, it was all smiles and joy as everyone present joined in celebrating the love the two not only shared for each other but also for those around them. As the night came to an end, the chatter among guests was all about love and the amazing event they had just attended.

After that day of celebrating their love and their union, they proudly shared their story with many online and print publications. However, soon after the first posts were published, the attacks against Lawrence and Michael began. Comments like "Die Fags!," "I hope you get AIDS!," and "Burn in HELL!" were just some of the comments posted under their images and were not as harsh as some of the others that focused on race as well.

The love and joy they experienced with their family and friends began to fade as feelings of rage and hate from people they had never even met began to overshadow all the warmth in their hearts. They reached out to the publications to help put an end to these attacks, but they did not receive a lot of help past a couple of comments stating the publications’ stances on equality. Forced to defend the most beautiful moment of their lives, Lawrence and Michael looked for other online communities where LGBTQIA+ couples could proudly share their celebrations of love without fear of retaliation. It was during their search that they quickly realized that LGBTQI+ couples of color were extremely underrepresented in publications where LGBTQIA+ love is showcased. To see yet another lack of representation for the love they shared, they decided to give a new direction to all they were feeling. They chose to focus on love and take all the negativity and use it as fuel to begin a revolution!

Determined to showcase and bring focus to LGBTQIA+ couples of color, Lawrence & Michael co-founded Black Gay Weddings: an online community and platform where LGBTQIA+ couples of color are able to freely and safely share the most special moments of their lives with the LGBTQIA+ community around the world. They understood that to celebrate LGBTQI+ couples of color and promote their equal representation in media, they needed to create a meaningful and lasting platform. As such, they went back to Las Vegas, Nevada. It was in Las Vegas where they had been enGAYged. It was in Las Vegas where they celebrated their wedding, surrounded by love. So, it made sense that it would be there that they would create Broughton Media Group, LLC, in 2019: the first media company dedicated to representing LGBTQI+ people of color and the parent company of Black Gay Weddings.

"If they won't share and protect the love stories of LGBTQI+ couples of color, let's create our own media company."


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